Rectron now offers ESD

Rectron now offers the option of electronic software delivery (ESD) for Microsoft products.

According to a company statement, Rectron is the second Microsoft distributor in Middle East and Africa, and the first in SA to roll out ESD.

ESD is a secure way of delivering a product key directly to consumers and small businesses via the retail, e-tail and reseller channel. The offering aims to empower the channel by providing a new, convenient way of delivering Microsoft solutions, says Rectron.
The delivery method, it states, offers numerous benefits to the channel, including faster turnaround times, with product keys delivered within minutes, rather than days; and lower costs as courier costs are eliminated because there is no physical media that needs to be delivered.

Also, adds Rectron, no stock risk - not having stock on the premises eliminates a number of risks, including theft and damage. Resellers can also deliver the solutions to their customers faster, without the risks associated with physically delivering products.

"We're living in an age of instant gratification. People have become impatient; they are used to having immediate access to a plethora of apps at their disposal and are accustomed to making purchases with ease. We believe that this access should extend beyond personal usage and into business purchases within the channel too," says Elaine Wang, Group Microsoft business unit manager at Rectron.

"The new electronic software delivery method provides the channel with a quick, convenient and hassle-free option for procuring Microsoft products. It boosts their reputation and trust among customers and enhances business relationships. As there are no delivery costs, the channel also saves money, which translates into a healthier bottom line. Best of all, it's secure and there's no learning curve."

Rectron now offers ESD

Electronic software delivery is a channel differentiator, explains Wang, noting that in order to remain competitive, there needs to be out-of-the-box thinking in terms of services and value proposition.

"Through this delivery method, we're empowering the channel to improve service and delivery times to their clients, and are streamlining software installation and usage, she says. "As more and more services move into the cloud, and as more businesses leverage as-a-service offerings, ESD will become a fundamental competitive advantage for resellers."

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